Upgrade Your Business’ Hiring Process for the Workforce

Not all skills and related service providers require a college degree.

Through ScholarPath, trade employers can find and match with passionate and prepared students who are ready to hit the ground running right after high school.

Taking advantage of the platform’s matching and communication tools, trade service providers can reach students based on both academic history, demographics and personal characteristics, ensuring a quality match for available roles.

Start reaching your ideal high school candidates today.

By filtering and personalized follow-up messaging, trade employers can find and get opportunities in front of the students who have the skills and passion for a career that might not require a college degree.

Find Qualified Candidates

Through personalized messaging and filtering, employers can get their opportunities in front of students who would be a perfect match, but may not otherwise know about the jobs.

Reach Students Early

By telling students what employers are looking for, students can plan their high school academic path more effectively, and firms can assure that they will have qualified students to fill positions.

The Right Fit

Employers can reach out to students based on both academic history and personal characteristics, ensuring that a student will match the role through our data-driven approach.