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ScholarPath will transform how students find their career pathway by engaging students and their communities. ScholarPath will guide students to their “Best Fit” by working together with the students, and those who support them, to help them find scholarships and funding.

An Engagement

A tool that fully engages high school students in their journey to find their calling and the next stage of their education or training. ScholarPath is designed to help students find the right path in life.

A Growing Pool of

Students can use career information to help them plan an academic path. The students can see what grades they need to achieve, what classes to take, and the available scholarships or post-­high school training programs available to them.

How It Works for Students

Students use ScholarPath to discover educational and professional opportunities that help them achieve their personal goals.

Analytics and Surveys

By combining information directly from schools with self-reported student information, ScholarPath helps students learn about themselves and plan for their future.

Research Platform

ScholarPath allows students to compare pathways through college, the workforce, and military service allowing students to choose the path that is right for them.

Provider Communication

Students can communicate directly with organizations providing opportunities through a secure and privacy focused communication platform.

How It Works for Colleges

Colleges use ScholarPath to reach students not captured by traditional recruiting channels, and to build better relationships with potential applicants.

Custom Profile Pages

Colleges can craft their own profile page, not only strengthening branding, but also sharing information. ScholarPath captures the attention of all students by allowing colleges to promote unique programs, scholarships, and other important news.

Student Messaging

With our patent-pending blind messaging system, colleges can reach out to students who fit their preferred criteria, filtering on a variety of non-traditional variables.

Building Connections

Through one-to-one messaging, colleges can converse with interested students and convert leads by building a personal student relationship.

How It Works for Employers

Through ScholarPath, employers find passionate and prepared students who are a perfect fit for their company.

Find Qualified Candidates

Through personalized messaging and filtering, employers can get their opportunities in front of students who would be a perfect match, but may not otherwise know about the jobs.

Reach Students Early

By telling students what employers are looking for, students can plan their high school academic path more effectively, and firms can assure that they will have qualified students to fill positions.

The Right Fit

Employers can reach out to students based on both academic history and personal characteristics, ensuring that a student will match the role through our data-driven approach.

How It Works for the Military

Military recruiters use ScholarPath to efficiently connect with potential recruits, lowering recruiting costs and increasing enlistment.

Inform Potential Candidates

The military has a variety of roles available in countless career paths, but students don’t always know about these roles as an option. Through ScholarPath, recruiters can give students the information they’ve been lacking about military opportunities.

Find the Right Fit

Filtering on both academic and personality data, recruiters can be sure that they’re reaching out to candidates who would be a great fit for available paths.

Shape Your Candidates

Through ScholarPath, students can learn what recruiters want as early as middle school, when they begin planning high school courses. That way, recruiters can be sure students will have prepared with the right courses.

How It Works for High Schools

Through ScholarPath, schools can not only improve student outcomes, but also reduce their own administrative headache.

Student Engagement

ScholarPath helps educators engage with students in a much more time-efficient manner, helping stressed educators put their time where it helps the most.

Informed Curriculum Planning

Not only do students plan their courses in ScholarPath every year, but high schools can use the information from students, employers, colleges, and the military to make informed, data-driven decisions on course offerings.

Data Tracking

Through ScholarPath’s built-in outcome tracking, schools can access the data that they need to secure additional federal funding, without having to follow up personally with each student.

ScholarPath's Impact

Adopted in St. Louis-area school districts, ScholarPath is helping schools,
students, and local businesses to connect and develop a stronger workforce.

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School District


University City
School District


St. Charles
School District



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We'll reach out

ScholarPath's Partners

With the support of local organizations, ScholarPath offers students a variety of support networks and career pathways.