A Tool for
All Students

ScholarPath goes beyond traditional recruiting channels to build better relationships with potential applicants.

Colleges can reach out to students who meet their preferred criteria, filtering on a variety of non-traditional variables. Through one-to-one messaging, recruiters can converse with interested students and bolster enrollment by using the platform to build personal student relationships. They can also craft their own profile page, not only strengthening branding, but also sharing specifically relevant information to help with discovery and student matching. ScholarPath captures the attention of high schoolers by giving higher education providers a chance to promote unique programs, scholarships and important news.

Start reaching your ideal high school candidates today.

Colleges use ScholarPath to reach students not captured by traditional recruiting channels and to build better relationships with potential applicants.

Utilize Data and Surveys

By combining information directly from schools with self-reported student information, ScholarPath helps students learn about themselves and plan for their future.



Adopted in St. Louis-area school districts, ScholarPath is helping schools, students, and local businesses to connect and develop a stronger workforce.

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