Building an Effective Talent Pool For Businesses

Through ScholarPath, employers can find passionate and prepared students who are a perfect fit for their companies.

Using the platform’s matching and communication tools, businesses can reach students based on their academic history, demographics, and personal characteristics, ensuring a quality match for available roles. For example, if your company needs engineers, filter students based on math and science grades, or their interest or participation in STEM activities.

Start reaching your ideal high school candidates today.

Through ScholarPath, employers can match with passionate and prepared students who fit perfectly within their companies.

Find Qualified Candidates

Using personalized messaging and filtering, employers can get their opportunities seen by the very students who would be perfect matches, but may not otherwise learn about the jobs.

Reach Students Early

By showing students what employers are looking for, students can plan their academic paths more effectively, which assures firms that they will have qualified candidates to fill positions.

The Right Fit

Employers can search for their ideal student candidates based on academic history and personal characteristics, ensuring that students match based on solid, data-driven results.


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