ScholarPath Closes on Expanded Financing, Exceeds Initial Investment Targets

Aug 3, 2022

ScholarPath, an education platform designed to help high school students pursue a future true to their talents and passions, today announced that it has exceeded initial investment targets by closing on an extended round of multimillion-dollar financing for its ongoing multi-state expansion.

“Due to the caliber of investors and their passion for supporting the mission of our company, we recently made a decision to accommodate additional participants, and now are almost fully subscribed to that higher financing target, as well,” said ScholarPath CEO Doug Mitchell.

ScholarPath is a transformational tool that helps students find their ideal career pathway and plan for life after high school. The platform connects students directly with colleges, employers and recruiters to identify their best next steps and find real opportunities.

Initially set to close at the end of June, this latest start-up funding round was extended and expanded to incorporate broader investor interest. ScholarPath will be deployed in public high schools starting this Fall. Planned implementations include schools in North Carolina and Missouri, with plans to implement in other states in early 2023.

“The majority of this funding will be used to expand hiring in our evolving Customer Success area, Mitchell said. “In addition, some of it will also be used to complete a few of our ongoing technology enhancement projects.”

The company’s innovative platform seeks to match students with various organizations, whether they be focused on specific trades and local employers, higher education colleges and universities, or the military.

“The assistance we offer students is increasingly essential in a society where career, school and candidate options are abundant and potentially overwhelming,” Mitchell said.

“In terms of this most recent capital round, we are so grateful for the confidence and support we continue to receive from our community and financial partners, who are equally committed to our vision of deeper fulfillment for our students,” he said.

About ScholarPath

MyScholar’s ScholarPath is a workforce development social network tool for high school students. By building an ecosystem for students, colleges, employers and the military, ScholarPath is changing how high school students plan their future and how high school talent is recruited. The organization helps high school students find their right path, whether that be college, the workforce, or the military. Founded by an experienced team of educators and technologists, ScholarPath launched in multiple St. Louis high schools during the 2020/2021 school year, in conjunction with area chambers of commerce, employers, unions and the military. To learn more about ScholarPath’s mission, visit