Doug Mitchell


Doug Mitchell has worked in the construction industry for 25 years. While working for a family friends business he was able to learn both commercial and residential applications. After a couple years of learning all ends of the company he had decided to go out on his own. Once started it was a very short time before he found himself hiring and looking for showroom space. It was his mission to stay customer focused and to give his customers a quality installation with a guaranteed craftsmanship. As the president of the organization he grew the business into a successful and very reputable organization working for companies like Drurry and holiday inn hotels. On the residentials side companies like Bozich Construction and Schneider Construction Services.

Doug has served as a collegiate coach, recruiter, and consultant to serve collegiate wrestling programs. With over a decade of college recruiting, he has noticed the lack of knowledge the high school coaches, parents and students had of the recruiting process. Doug developed a process of identifying the right college based on the students’ wants and needs. In 2017 Doug pitched the idea of creating a scholarship app, which served as an initial inspiration for what ScholarPath became.